Friday, 13 September 2013

And now for something completely different (well kind of)

We’re stepping out of our comfort zone somewhat this time around – a good thing to do every so often that, right? And with it we’re looking for your help and support (don’t worry, it doesn’t take much effort and won’t financially cost you!).

It’s all to do with the travel website’s search for a ‘Chief World Explorer’, or ‘The Best Job Around the World’ as it’s being dubbed. Basically the company is looking for somebody to travel the world for them for one year, where he/she will participate in voluntary projects and write and produce short videos of the places visited for the website and potential customers. And it all comes with a salary of $100,000. Not bad, eh?

Considering we’re ‘between projects’ right now (that’s how we’re putting it anyway) we thought we’d give the application a lash; that being a minute-long video explaining why the job is for us.

So, basic (very basic) equipment in tow, we put something together – perhaps not enough to make Quintin Tarantino feel like he should call it quits, but you’ve got to start somewhere. We are ‘cheese’ masters after all.

Where your help comes in is to give our video as many ‘likes’ as you can. To do that, click on this link and hit the like button. We’re not sure if you actually have to become a member of firstly in order to like it (all that requires is an email and password if that is the case), but by clicking on the link you’ll find out!

You can like it every 24 hours up until the October 1st; so set a reminder each day up until then, won't you?!

The video itself is below (you can also watch it on YouTube at but remember in order to like it you must do so on the jauntaroo website from this link

Thanks for your help guys!


  1. I've already voted and sharing the info. Although the 42.485 votes from the top guy will be hard to compete. Anyway with that video I will vote for you even for president

    1. Hey Camo!

      Thanks for the 'like' (it's not actually a vote!) and for spreading the word. "Hay un camino!"

      Don't forget to like it in 24 hours too!

      In any case, it's not all about the likes -- that's just one part of it. So the person with the most likes is not the winner! But obviously the more likes you can get, the better it looks -- so keep on liking!

      Saludos :-)

    2. Good to know about the like thing. I will vote tomorrow and Sunday. But I have a question. Can I vote from a different pc? or the system only takes a vote per IP.

      Saludos, and I have read that you will come to Colombia so we have to make some special thing to celebrate your arrival and hopefully my graduation

    3. I believe it's just one vote every day per IP. So unless you go to different places jaja

      Well I hope to go back to Colombia -- I'm missing some paperwork for the visa, so when I get that I must apply for the visa y vamos a ver!

      I'm all on for a big celebration anyway!

      Thanks for all your help :-)