Monday, 10 February 2014

The end of 'we' as we know it

It is with great sadness that I must bring to you the end, as you have become accustomed to here at Wrong Way, of 'we'. Yes, the 'we' that so many of you (two on the last count, including me) know, love, and even feel part of, is departing the scene.

The Wrong Way trademark photo.
Me, myself, and I; 'I think we're alone now...'

You'll be glad to know that it has been an amicable separation. It's just it had become more and more difficult to defend the continuance of 'we' when 'I' would have sufficed. The fact that Wrong Way recently opened up a new front where 'I' has led the way, has been a factor in this sudden decamping.*

This is not to say that I haven't valued 'we's' contribution to this blog over the past two years plus, it's just I feel it's time to get back to me. 'We' did serve its purpose, allowing a certain candidness at times that 'I' perhaps wouldn't have been able to express. However, rightly or wrongly – the latter being more appropriate considering who's writing – I'm feeling more brazen these days, so 'we' is taking an indefinite rest.

There are times when 'we' will return, more than likely in an all encompassing sense. So rest assured all you 'we' fans, this is not terminal; it's just the beginning of a new departure here. 'A change being as good as a rest' and all that. Or the beginning of the end?

Whatever the case, for now it's just me (and hopefully you). Heck, I'm feeling a bit exposed. Stick with me here.

*Outside of the El Tiempo gig, there is also this for, where it is all 'me'.


  1. So really you're just replacing the w with an m :) It's not that big of a change really. We'll stick with you :)

    1. Well yes, the end of 'we' and its associated pronouns and determiners (us, our). Let us (you, me, and whoever else is reading) see how it goes over the next while!

  2. 'tis sad to see the end of us, but maybe it is a good first step in curing your split personality.

    1. It's not a definite departure for 'us' Robin -- 'we' may return. Split personality? Well two minds are better than one, right? Imagined or real..!