Thursday, 6 December 2018

A new state of play?

Some of you may have noticed (hopefully you did anyway!) that there hasn't been a new post up here for some time. In fact, November was the first ever 'dry month' in terms of new blog stories since this page went live back in November 2011.

There has been a number of reasons for this. Now while I enjoy having this little outlet to put my 'musings' about various things out there, the focus has been elsewhere of late.
The Colombia Cast: Brendan 'Wrong Way' Corrigan's new podcast with Revista Semana.
The Colombia Cast: Off the ground, for now anyway ...
Newborn: The Colombia Cast
Since my return to Colombia in late October after a refreshing break back in Ireland followed by an interesting week in New York, and having kicked English teaching to touch, more energy has been put into IQuiz "The Bogotá Pub Quiz". My little baby let's say, one of almost four years of age albeit!
"It's best not to assign a sex to it in the current climate."
Now that baby has a sibling (I won't say what sex either one is lest I offend anyone). This latest creation was a long time in the womb — gestation for new projects, especially in these parts, is substantial. Nonetheless, it's alive and kicking, for now at least.

The Colombia Cast, in conjunction with Semana magazine is the latest addition to that growing world of podcasts. In a similar vein to IQuiz, it's purely a labour of love, for the moment at least.

'Show me the visa (and the money!)'
Alongside this, though not quite in the labour-of-love category, is a new full-time gig at a global marketing company — work visa pending, but I've already started (not sure of the legalities of that one guys).

So after over seven years as an independent worker in Colombia, being my own boss to a large extent, I've now entered the full-time work force. Or so it appears: La Cancillería has to give it the official approval yet.

My mantra for most of the last seven years had been that I wouldn't work full-time for a Colombian company.
"The 'quantity of hours over quality of work' culture permeates."
Not only did I — and still do — value my independence, but the ridiculous long hours that many Colombians seem obliged to spend at work, whether they're actually doing work or not, is something I said I wouldn't sign up to.

The thing is, it's not actually a Colombian company I'm working for. Nonetheless, the 'quantity of hours over quality of work' culture that permeates through many organisations here seems at play. It is early days, so I might be a bit off on that one. I hope I am in any case.

So in a year where it looked odds on that my stay in Colombia was coming to an imminent end, it now appears I'm about to commit for a bit longer (visa pending of course!).

I might just be here for the opening of the new Irish Embassy in Bogotá after all.
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