Friday, 30 October 2015

Indomitable spirit, indestructible energy

The Wrong Way approach to spirituality and such like has very much been in the contemporary science sphere. The closest thing to the belief that we have an immortal, incorporeal soul is the idea that the energy running through our living bodies continues in some shape or form after we breathe our last.
Lynda's double rainbow ...
Double rainbow: An impressive message.
That those who leave this life can make strong, 'real' contact with us in the shape of the persona they once were is something I've never really given much credence to. Nonetheless, over the last few weeks there have been a number of incidents that have been curious if nothing else in relation to this.

Now before we look at those, it must be stated that when you have just lost a loved one — as our family has — you are more likely to be open to the notion that the deceased is still very much with you. Happenings that otherwise you might completely dismiss or give no notice to at all can take on other meanings in such emotionally distraught times.

Perhaps the most strange occurrence was to do with white feathers. My brother-in-law, looking for a sign from his late wife, my sister Lynda, that everything would be OK and that he and his three boys would cope without her asked her to send a feather. Moments later, looking out his kitchen window a single white feather was stuck to the leg of a deck chair. On closer inspection, the feather was held in place with a long human hair, which my brother-in-law attributes to Lynda.

I had been sitting on the same chair just a short time beforehand and had the feather been anywhere else I probably would have hit it and removed it. But no; it stayed in place for my brother-in-law to see.

No doubt earthly, mundane explanations can be given for this and it was purely coincidental, yet it is thought-provoking all the same. It's not like there are feathers floating about the area in question all the time, let alone strategically stuck to the legs of chairs.

Outside of that, a couple of days after Lynda's passing my brother-in-law heard for the first time the song Wasn't Expecting That by Jamie Lawson. As he says, he could have written it himself considering how the lyrics mirror his own situation. Fair enough, the timing of the song becoming a massive hit in the UK is probably just pure random, but you could, as we have, ask 'Why now?'; a song, tailor-made for the situation as it is, becoming hugely popular at this moment.

Lynda's feather?
A sign from another dimension ..?
Then you had the quite spectacular double rainbow that arced itself behind my sister's house a few days after she died. In some Eastern cultures, aligning with my sister's strong spirituality, double rainbows carry profound meaning, symbolising transformation. The material world is represented by the first arc, while the second one is the spiritual realm.

For the Chinese, the red of a rainbow is symbolic of the feet and violet represents the head. So a primary rainbow appears to illustrate a human descending from heaven. Since the secondary arc has reversed colours, with red on the bottom and violet on top, it is said to represent ascending from the material Earth to heaven.

Another sign or message or coincidence, whatever you want to call it, was in a local supermarket where my brother-in-law spotted the book My Lynda — the less common Lynda with a 'y' that is, as my sister spelt it — written by a British man who recently lost his celebrity wife Lynda to cancer. Needless to say it struck a chord; and again, the timing of its release was very appropriate.

There have been other, let's call them perplexing coincidences, but I won't go into them all here. They all beg the question, is Lynda still communicating with us from some other place? My heart would like to say 'yes' but my head says 'no'.

What I will say, though, is that for somebody who displayed enormous strength in the face of what turned out to be an unwinnable battle for her mortal body, Lynda's energy, positivity and spirit can not have just vanished. Science tells us as much; her energy has not died.

She may be physically gone (and free from the terrible pain she endured in her last weeks) but she continues to exert a strong, positive influence. For those of us mourning her loss, we can take comfort and strength from this. Rest well Lynda, you deserve it.
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