Thursday, 21 November 2013

Love fool

The default mode for most Irish men has traditionally been to show a cold, hard exterior, especially in matters of the heart. Or more specifically, issues surrounding romance.

Misty thoughts...
Things are a little hazy right now
It’s generally something we’ve subscribed to over the years. Now this is not to say that we suppress emotions – not a healthy thing to do that obviously. No, we just tend to deal with them internally. “‘Tis our business and ours only” kind of approach; and the majority of time we feel that’s not a bad way to go. Heck we’ve made it this far, just about.

However, considering we’re in a place that’s a bit more, let’s say, ‘emotionally liberal’, we’re going to deal with some personal romantic issues here.

You could perhaps blame this ‘softened’ approach on the Colombian air we’re once again breathing – well that and the local ‘chicas’, or ladies if you will. That withstanding, this could be seen as an advisory tale and we always like to help where we can; we’re just not sure what the advice actually is.

Now as regular readers will be aware (cue long, awkward silence), we were back in the homeland between August and early November this year. A family wedding drew us back while visa issues coupled with doubts as to our next move kept us there a bit longer than we had initially expected; well that and mammy’s cooking of course.

Before we left, we had met a girl here in Bogotá who seemed to tick a lot of the right boxes for us. Indeed, we thought she was so cool that we were happy not to let her Santander background bias our thoughts; we like to live dangerously from time-to-time.*

While we seemed to be getting on well, we were never anything other than casual partners; the fact that our departure date for Ireland was looming together with uncertainty as to whether we would be returning to Colombia or not played a big part in this.

So when we did leave, it was a case of let’s see what happens. We did keep in regular, practically daily contact via Facebook and the occasional Skype call. Thus, we stayed on each other’s radar in a sense.

A quite significant spanner was thrown into the works at the end of September when our ‘friend’ (we’ll call her Colombiana from here on) told us she had met someone else. On further examination, Colombiana told us that it wasn’t that serious, and we continued to stay in friendly contact.

Once we finally sorted out our next move, that being the default option of a return to Bogotá, we were quick to let Colombiana know our news. This was greeted with the extremely generous offer of picking us up from the airport (we’d never had anyone specifically come to a South American airport to collect us) along with the suggestion that we stay at her apartment for the first few days. Nice.
This left us under the impression that perhaps we could pick things up from where we had left them in August, maybe bring them a bit further.

However, we were left in the dark, until we arrived, of one rather important piece of information. Namely that the relationship with the guy Colombiana had met in September, who for the record is Spanish and not Colombian, had now advanced into a more serious stage. Well, put it this way, when a man decides he’s going to divorce his wife on the strength of meeting another woman, it does take on an element of seriousness, right?

Cherly Cole; not looking too bad if we say so ourselves...
Cheryl -- worth fighting for? Probably
Now contrast that bold statement of intent with our heretofore laissez-faire attitude and you can, maybe, understand why Colombiana went for the, what might be seen as, ‘steadier’ option (we’ll put the divorce issue to one side for now – sure marriage these days isn’t what it used to be).

Needless to say our presence in her apartment for those first few days on our return – as generous as the offer was – wasn’t the most comfortable. Although it must be pointed out that we’re still very much on friendly terms and we have met up since finding alternative accommodation.

So where does this leave us? Any serious analysis can’t ignore the fact that we were quite relaxed about our relationship before leaving. Or at least we thought we were; a first hearing of Passenger’s ‘Let her go’ song on the flight back to Europe did resonate and left us pondering things somewhat.**

There is though the argument that we’re just lusting more for Colombiana now for the simple fact that she’s currently out of reach, in a romantic sense anyway. Verifying that, given the current circumstances, is not easy however.

There are generally two schools of thought as to what to do. Follow the Cheryl Cole (or should that be Tweedy once again?) lead and ‘fight for this love, for if it’s worth having it’s worth fighting for’.** Or we go with our tried, but not altogether trusted, laissez-faire attitude – whatever will be, will be.

The phrase ‘time will tell’ lets you know, perhaps, which one we’re leaning towards. Right, we’ve said enough. We’re reverting to type now and putting those emotions firmly back on the inside.

*For a, erm, light-hearted look at Colombian women's personality traits broken down by regions, see Colombia's locas

**You can check out Let Her Go by Passenger here; and for Cheryl Cole's Fight For This Love see


  1. Solo quería felicitarlo, que fantástico blog, eso si es ser un amante de la comunicación social, que categoría, es usted un ejemplo, gracias por hacer un trabajo así, limpio y honesto, y ademas muy agradable. Bendiciones. A futuro le deparo éxitos profesionales, ojala alguien de algún importante noticiero vea su trabajo. Que bien por la camisa de Atlético Nacional.

    1. Muchísimas gracias por estas palabras muy amables. Apreciamos mucho.
      Con este apoyo, podemos crecer 'Wrong Way' jaja! Por favor, dile a sus amigos!!
      Y eres un(a) hincha de Nacional? 'Gustamos' los colores, aparecen como Irlanda!

      Gracias de nuevo. Saludos :-)

  2. es un exelente blog :) y un exelente trabajo esto es lo que se necesita en nuestro pais

    1. Muchisimas gracias! Sentamos importante ahora! Es bueno a saber hay personas que gustan el blog!